Methanol-fueled/hydrogen fuel cell towboat
Maritime Partners

Maritime Partners (MP) is building the M/V Hydrogen One (H2One) – a methanol-fueled/hydrogen fuel cell-powered towboat, which, according to the company, offers one of the clearest, near-term pathways to achieving net zero emissions goals with commercially available and viable technology via the US Jones Act. MP, a provider of maritime leasing and financing solutions, will be in Houston to offer operators access to its fleet of more than 1,600 state-of-the-art vessels.

By converting methanol and water into hydrogen onboard the vessel with e1 Marine’s (e1) M-series fuel delivery system, H2One can adopt fuel cell power technology as a prime power solution for the vessel, substantially reducing a traditional workboat’s emission profile. e1’s use of methanol as a transportation fuel allows for more onboard hydrogen capacity (in the form of liquid methanol) over both standard hydrogen compression or cryogenic storage alternatives, significantly extending the vessel's operational range and providing superior economics.

e1, a joint venture between MP, Ardmore Shipping Corporation and Element 1 Corp, has developed the M-series fuel delivery system – H2One’s proprietary technology that addresses the logistical, storage and cost challenges that have prevented widespread adoption of hydrogen as a marine fuel to date.

e1’s M-series can produce fuel cell-grade hydrogen from a mixture of methanol and water, on demand, and onboard the vessel, supporting cost-competitive, MW-scale fuel cell solutions while reducing the challenges associated with compressed or liquified hydrogen (based on MP’s own calculations). By deploying H2One technology, marine operators can start economically decarbonizing their fleets today.

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