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Patrick Lebeau

Patrick Lebeau specializes in the commercialization of ship technologies, electric propulsions, power management and vessel control systems. He holds a BSc in electrical engineering from Laval University and began his career in the marine industry, supervising electrical work on major projects such as the modernization of Tribal-class destroyers and the construction of Halifax-class frigates in Canada. Analytical, solution-oriented, empathetic and collaborative, he turned quickly to business development. Over the past 25 years, Patrick has developed an extensive and enviable track record in the creation, sale and marketing of many innovative products.


Electric propulsion: a future-ready drivetrain for your ship

Electrification is not the future. It’s now, and it is for everyone. Ships are built for 40+ years and whatever is built today needs to be ready for tomorrow, even if we don’t know yet which alternate energy source will become dominant. An electric propulsion is the first building block so your ship can harness those alternate energy sources in the future, whichever ends up on top. Even if today’s energy sources don’t seem to fulfill your requirements, it’s highly probable they can. For instance, diesel engine use optimization, operations coverage and charging infrastructure are amongst the key challenges to meeting environmental damaging emissions reduction targets. A few creative approaches are possible and some of them will be explained in this presentation.