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Peter Soles

With over 20 years of marine industry experience, including seven years as an ASD (Z-Drive) tug operator and five years in ship operations management, Capt. Peter Soles brings a unique combination of field experience and formal education to marine projects. He holds a master’s degree from the University of Washington (UW) School of Marine Affairs and a certificate in Global Trade, Transportation, and Logistics from the UW Foster School of Business. At Glosten, Peter consults on projects involving tug and barge design and operation, navigation and ship handling, and marine logistics planning. Peter also leads the development of Glosten's new concept design offerings for the workboat sector.


Futureproofing your fleet: A low-carbon tug designed for the US market

Peter Soles (Glosten) and Dave Lee (ABB) will introduce a first of its kind, dual-fuel hybrid electric tug design with more than 90-tons bollard pull. This adaptable, sensibly designed tug provides operators with a viable path to carbon-neutral operation that minimizes business risk and enhances competitiveness. The presenters will discuss the overall design intent, the arrangement of the propulsion and electrical distribution system, and specific cost/adaptability benefits for vessel operators.