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Aaron MacNeil

Aaron is the electrical design lead of GOE marine meter. He is an electrical power systems specialist with significant expertise in renewable energy including tidal power, micro-grids, distributed generation, energy storage, and underwater power transmission. He led and partnered on projects evaluating cables in a tidal environment, tidal turbine operation, fish turbine interaction and tidal power grid integration. Aaron has extensive experience with embedded system and instrumentation design in this field. He has worked with GOE as a research engineer since 2017, participates in standards development and completes research through collaboration at Dalhousie University


Electric hybrid and all-electric systems for workboats

Glas Ocean Electric builds all-electric and hybrid conversion kits for boats. We are moving toward kits that can be installed without requiring vessels to be moved to a shipyard. We're presenting our recent project where we converted a traditional eastern Canadian fishing boat and while we did it we measured emissions and underwater noise. We'll present the conversion we did, some of the results we measured and the potential CO2 impact of converitng fishing boats. Lastly, we'll show you the kit we need as a community to accomplish large scale electrification.