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James Dumont

James is one of the leading experts in California on the integration of advanced technologies into California's multimodal transportation system. He has particular expertise in regulatory and funding research, sustainable transportation, admiralty and maritime law, environmental law, oral advocacy, and grant writing. At Momentum, he manages the company’s ports and fleets programs, performs business development, and writes thoughtful, content-rich grant proposals and strategy documents. Mr. Dumont has developed strategy, project design, and grant proposals securing more than $150 million for low- and zero-emission technology, advanced energy, infrastructure, and equipment deployment projects.


Planning and funding zero-emission demonstration projects

This presentation will provide an overview of strategies to secure funding from local, State, and Federal grant, loan, and cap and trade funding programs for zero-emission technology deployments. Topics and funding sources covered will include: Planning Activities: Research, Design, and Development (RD&D) Projects: Demonstration Projects: Fuels and Infrastructure: Partnering for Success: Policy and Regulatory Alignment: Major Funding Programs.