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Jim Lerner

Jim’s background includes 33 years in the electromechanical industry and four years in electrical/telecommunication technical engineering. He holds diplomas in business financials and marketing.


AC drives in hybrid power generation and propulsion

The Wasaline M/S Aurora Botnia, ordered by the cities of Vaasa in Finland and Umeå in Sweden, is a new vessel from RMC shipyard in Finland. It uses clean LNG/battery hybrid with shore power and is deemed the most environmentally friendly ro-pax ship. Danfoss AC drives optimized electric power generation, electric propulsion, hybridization, power conversion, and improved performance and efficiency for a myriad of applications on board the vessel. Notable features include battery-electric maneuvering when entering and leaving the harbor and main electric propulsion 2x6MW and battery power 4x1.5MW. The vessel began making regular trips between Vaasa and Umeå in autumn 2021.