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Morgan Brown

Morgan is CEO for Green City Ferries Americas, a Seattle-based joint venture with Green City Ferries of Stockholm. An electrical engineer/computer scientist by training, he left a successful high-tech career to follow an environmental passion. He has had an impact as an entrepreneur in renewable energy, sustainable water and green development. His role as a developer creating a deep-green walkable community – based on a pedestrian ferry connection to Seattle – led him to GCF’s leading fast ferry solution.


Electric fast ferries are viable today

Zero-emission fast ferries are viable today. Advances in batteries, fuel cells, vessel design and innovative financing make them a real choice. Advanced LTO marine batteries are safer, charge three times faster and have a service life five times longer than previously. Vessels with lower weight (carbon fiber) and less friction (foil-assist) use less energy and have longer range. In addition, standardized, serial production together with a single platform (battery and fuel cell) make them great value. With innovative finance (e.g. Boatplan Stockholm 2025), long-term bareboat charter allows ferry operators to get started immediately.