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Wärtsilä unveils new engine, solar power and battery hybrid solution

The technology group Wärtsilä has achieved a new marine benchmark with the introduction of the sector’s first hybrid installation for a bulk carrier. Wärtsilä’s hybrid power module, the Wärtsilä HY, will be installed on the Marfin Management’s bulk carrier Paolo Topic, and will ensure the seamless integration and control of new technologies with the ship’s various existing power systems.

“This new technology development, utilizing a combination of engines, solar power and batteries, represents a milestone for the industry,” says Giulio Tirelli, director at Wärtsilä Marine Business. “Thanks to the fully integrated solution, we are able to raise the bar in terms of economic competitiveness and environmental performance.”

The integrated solution is expected to deliver a drastic reduction in fuel consumption and maintenance costs. This, combined with the highly advanced level of environmental sustainability, will make the Paolo Topic the global fleet’s most technologically advanced bulk carrier.

“We are pleased to have found like-minded partners to bring new technology and innovative thinking on board to help improve our environmental performance and lead the way towards a more sustainable future,” says Alex Albertini, CEO at Marfin Management. “We will be able to provide our customers and partners with the most advanced vessel performance and environmental quality without compromising on operational effectiveness and flexibility.” - July 2019

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