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Thomas Winkler

Thomas Winkler joined Geislinger in February 2022. As manager for the hybrid and electric powertrain division, he is responsible for the integration of electric drives in marine powertrains. Thomas completed his master’s degree in ‘Industrial Energy Technology’ at the University of Leoben in 2016. Until 2021, Thomas worked as a research assistant at the Institute of Electrical Engineering at the University of Leoben. His scientific work focused on battery-powered traction systems and the reuse of lithium-ion batteries.


How to successfully master the challenges of hybrid powertrains

While batteries, variable speed drives, and motors of hybrid propulsion systems are chosen carefully, it appears that the rest of the driveline is chosen based on the lowest investment cost. However, when savings are made in the wrong place, there is a significant impact on the reliability and performance of such systems. As a result, issues concerning the mechanical drivetrain, such as component reliability, system stability and condition monitoring often go unaddressed. By tackling these challenges early in the design phase, false economies can be avoided, and the hybrid powertrain can operate with the lowest total cost of ownership.