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Michael Zagun

On completion of his BSc in mechanical engineering, Michael worked as a simulation engineer at Mahle, focusing on engine air intake systems using CFD and FEA. In 2008 he moved to HWA as a CFD simulation engineer with a focus on engine deployment using CFD. He completed his MEng in 2021 and has been in his current role - application engineer for marine and ground transportation at Gamma Technologies since 2018. He is currently working on the modeling of propulsion and energy supply systems and controls optimization for energy management.


Optimization of a zero-emissions tugboat propulsion using multi-physics system simulation

This presentation highlights the multi-objective optimization of a fuel-cell powered in-harbour tugboat propulsion under selected duty cycle and weather conditions. The dynamic and multi-physics system simulation model integrates a thermodynamic / electrical fuel cell (balance of plant) and an electro-chemical energy storage model offering realistic component behavior. The optimal controls solution utilizes an online model based ECMS Controller capturing the dynamics of the system and its constraints. The proposed modelling approach exploits the energy saving potential of the propulsion and power supply system design, grants deep insights into component health aspects and thus offers a reliable and efficient development workflow.