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The world’s first DNV Type Approved fuel cell module for marine applications
Ballard Power Systems

On 6 April, 2022, Ballard announced that it had been granted the first Type Approval by international classification body DNV for its marine fuel cell module ‘FCwave’.

The DNV Type Approval is a long-awaited breakthrough in commercialising fuel cell modules for vessels, offering a deployment-ready solution helping ship owners and operators reduce development time and cost as the marine industry makes the switch to zero-emission operations.

According to Ballard, FCwave unlocks fuel cell power for vessels operating from short to demanding long-haul routes, through faster implementation and increased confidence in fuel cells as a zero-emission solution.

The Type Approval certifies that FCwave meets the stringent safety, functional, design and documentation requirements that are essential for global marine commercialisation. For ship owners, the solution offers ease of integration, shorter implementation time and a reduction in overall cost through proven technology – while operators now have access to a deployment-ready alternative, paving the way for volume applications, including fleets.

One of the first customer applications for the newly classified FCwave is Norwegian ferry operator, Norled A/S, who will introduce the world’s first liquid hydrogen-powered ferry into passenger service later in 2022. Powering the MF Hydra with two 200kw modules, FCwave offers uncompromised performance, and reduced fuel consumption, emissions and maintenance costs. In addition, fuel cell power delivers a zero-emission passenger experience in environmentally sensitive areas or emission control zones.

As a plug-and-play module that provides a replacement for conventional internal combustion engines, FCwave is a high-power, adaptable engine in a hybrid electric system that incorporates fuel cells and batteries working seamlessly together to provide efficient, zero-emission power. Using proven components from Ballard’s four-decade long experience with heavy-duty applications to deliver reliable performance, high power density and favourable economics, the FCwave – built in 200kW modules – facilitates scalable power output and flexible integration onto the vessel.

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