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Marine fuel cell

Genevos produces fully integrated and modular hydrogen fuel cell packs offering a drop-in zero-emissions solution for vessels. The Hydrogen Power Modules (HPMs) are available in 15kW, 30kW and 40kW packs offering immediate scalability and redundancy, with customized power solutions from 15kW to 500kW.

Engineered as a maritime solution, the modules are compact, lightweight and AIP marine certified with IP55 resistance to the harsh oceanic environment. Integrated with Cummins (formerly Hydrogenics) PEM fuel cells, the HPMs offer advanced, proven, efficient and reliable stack technology.

Each HPM includes a DC-DC converter and can be integrated as a fully hydrogen-electric system or as a hybrid system in combination with batteries or engines.

HPM has been officially recognized as a clean and profitable solution with a positive impact on the environment and quality of life, achieving the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label.

Genevos will be showcasing its first commercial product, the HPM-15, a solution chosen by EMEC under the £2.2m (US$2.9m) HIMET (Hydrogen in an Integrated Maritime Energy Transition) project to provide zero-emissions auxiliary power for trials on board a ro-ro ferry.

Key points in the market are that Genevos offers redundancy, i.e. service vessels should have two or more modules rather than relying on one higher power (pricing similar), the HPM is fully integrated and the range is Lloyd’s Register AIP certified, simplifying the installation process and making it more accessible to marine. A key market is service vessels and ferries.

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