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Diagnostic tool for complete maritime vessel evaluation

Having accurate positioning combined with CAN and Modus/RS232 information directly from the vessel is crucial in today’s marine data acquisition technology, to ensure improved evaluation and to shorten testing times. That is why Dewesoft has developed an all-in-one flexible hardware, and an award-winning software to address exactly this purpose, giving R&D and real-world testing one system that encompasses all testing needs.

Dewesoft offers engineers a full encompassing measurement system in a single unit. For navigational purposes the DS-IMU2 comprises GNSS receivers, gyroscopes and accelerometers. Offering the highest accuracy for marine testing, the system is also capable of communicating vessel data directly to the operator for system monitoring and fault detection.

As vessels enter the hybrid propulsion era, batteries have become an essential part of the operational system. Monitoring these systems is also of utmost importance. Parameters such as voltage, temperature, cooling and charging cycles provide valuable information to ensure optimal operation, safety and to reduce maintenance costs. Combined with the Dewesoft combustion analyser, the complete propulsion system can be tested.

Ships have multiple electrical systems on board that operate at different voltage levels and frequencies. Previously, this meant testing of these systems was only possible using multiple measurement devices. Due to the unique system architecture of the Dewesoft power analyser, it is now possible to test these systems with a single device simultaneously and completely synchronized.

The Dewesoft power analyser combines the functionality of multiple measurement devices such as an oscilloscope, a data logger, an FFT spectrum analyser, a transient recorder and a common power analyser – with over 50 power parameters being calculated automatically. In combination with the powerful hardware and the high number of input channels, a comprehensive analysis of the complete power system of the vessel can be done. The system also offers high accuracy (0.03%), high sampling rates (up to 15 MS/s) and high bandwidth (5MHz) enabling analysis for wideband applications such as frequency inverter analysis, efficiency and energy analysis, frequency monitoring, among others.

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