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Propel by Saietta – a new force in electric marine motors
Propel (Saietta Group)

Last year, Saietta Group announced the launch of Propel, its state-of-the-art marine propulsion division that is dedicated to designing and developing a range of innovative electric motors to advance the electrification of the marine industry while supporting decarbonization and delivering sustainable and clean mobility on waterways.

Propel will help the industry meet new upcoming legislation as waterways in major cities and towns embrace zero-emissions sustainable mobility solutions with the use of Saietta-engineered axial flux technology to power a range of innovative best-in-class electric motors.

Propel’s first outboard motor, the Propel S1, can generate 10kW continuous output from a 48V battery. When mated to the in-house developed propeller, it can generate 7.35kW of propulsive power, equalling a 25hp internal combustion engine (ICE) in terms of acceleration and top speed.

Propel’s second new and high-tech product, the Propel D1, is an inboard series of electric crate motors designed specifically to replace ageing diesel engines and enable the transition to marine electrification hassle-free. The D1 inboards are small but have everything built in, with no external controllers or pumps. Propel engineers made it their mission to make the transition to electric as easy as possible; simply take an old diesel out, install the motor on the same foundation, connect drive-shaft, water and battery, and you are ready to go.

Wicher Kist, chief executive of Saietta Group and founder of Propel, says: “Helping the world go further and accelerate towards a cleaner and more sustainable future has always meant more than just road transport to Saietta. It’s been a long-held ambition of mine to bring Saietta’s AFT electric motors to busy waterways, and I’m delighted to see that come to fruition with our new subsidiary Propel.”

Sander van Dijk, Propel’s managing director and chief technical officer, added: “When developing the Propel brand, it became immediately clear that users want simple and worry-free access to cutting-edge electric propulsion technologies that don’t sacrifice style over substance. We have developed our brand around these principles; firstly, no motors and electronics below the waterline, a robust drivetrain that is virtually maintenance-free is key. And secondly, our advanced products must be simple and safe to operate by everyone.”

Propel will be showcasing its technology at the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo 2022, Amsterdam, from 21 to 23 June.

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