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Compact power and magnetic mooring

Finnish company 3mar Ltd will showcase two of the latest additions to its portfolio of novel shore connection and auto-mooring solutions at Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo Europe.

3mar’s existing products, Nector 4000 and Nector 2000, are particularly suitable for bigger road ferries and can deliver charging power up to 10MW. Following the growing demand to electrify city ferries and smaller road ferries, the company will display Nector 1000 – a more compact unit capable of delivering from a few hundred kilowatts to a megawatt and above, which can be installed either on the vessel or on the shore side. When installed on the former, Nector 1000 can be connected to the vessel’s hydraulic circuit with no need for a radio link, making the system even more simple, reliable and economical.

Also on display will be 3mar’s auto-mooring solution Magmoor 20, which is designed to be installed on the vessel side. Instead of vacuum suction technology, it is based on permanent magnets that can be turned on and off, with the extremely compact auto-mooring system able to hold 20 tons per unit. Being on board, it does not require communication between the vessel and the shore side; the counterpart on the shore side is just a steel plate, leaving the whole pier free for other use. Its permanent magnet technology does not need any energy to maintain its holding force.

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