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Drop-in unit offers plug-and-play solution for shipyards

After recognizing an opportunity to enhance efficiency, especially when yards struggle to find electricians and other specialists in the field, EPTechnologies has developed a complete drop-in unit for shipyards. Inside the drop-in unit, all components are pre-wired in 1-3 frames. It includes batteries, charger, DC/DC, junction box, the controller and cooling. The frames can be custom made to fit different needs and boats in series production. It’s all pre-wired for easy installation – in other words, it’s plug and play.

The systems vary from 40-400kW and can be mounted on a shaft, Z or jet drives and surface piercing installations. It includes some of the lightest batteries on the market, has a highly efficient motor and controllers, touchscreen, mobile app and a stainless-steel throttle. It also includes electric gearshift mounting on Z or Jet drive. Remote monitoring and troubleshooting during service and operation is available.

EPTechnologies will also display its lightweight marine batteries, which currently achieve 5.2kg per kWh. In Q1 2023 the aim is to reduce this weight to only 4.9kg per kWh; and an ultra-compact and lightweight variable speed DC genset, which it believes is the lightest on the market. This plug-and-play genset weighs 80kg, which is almost 70% less than a comparable AC generator.

Stand: 1254

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