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Advanced HVAC solutions
MAR-IX (Mavé)

MAR-IX, which opened a brand-new net-zero manufacturing facility last year, offers advanced cooling and heating systems for accommodations and onboard systems, as well as a leading range of cooling solutions for batteries, frequency drives and electric engines, developed and built entirely in-house in the Netherlands.

From inverter chillers, marine heat pumps and battery thermal management systems to the cooling of shore power converters, frequency drives and electric engines, the company offers a full suite of solutions. At this year’s show in Amsterdam, it will showcase an example from the superyacht sector, where its unique HYPER TP (Hyper Thermal Process) is providing up to 80% energy savings on the hotel load by integrating various onboard thermal energy sources and consumers. HYPER TP shows how a blend of clever system design and intelligent monitoring and control can cool and heat in a highly efficient way.

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