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Split permanent magnet motor
Aspin Kemp & Associates

Aspin Kemp & Associates (AKA) will be showcasing a model of its brand new split permanent magnet motor for hybridizing in-service vessels. So far hybrid retrofits have been prohibitively expensive due to the cumbersome process of moving the vessel shaft to add an electric motor to it. However, the split PM motor comes in separate parts and can be attached right onto the shaft of a vessel, allowing for the hybridization of in-service ships with higher ROI. The retrofitted hybrid-electric propulsion system integrates directly with the existing hardware. No overhaul of the propulsion or power system is required. The gearless motor is designed with a small axial length, reducing weight, inertia, and footprint and facilitating easier installation for fast and inexpensive retrofit. This is ushering in a new world of marine hybrid propulsion retrofitting.

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