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Split permanent magnet motor for hybridization
Aspin Kemp & Associates

Aspin Kemp & Associates (AKA) is displaying its latest innovation, the DuXion/AKA split permanent magnet motor, which the company hopes will revolutionize the hybridization of in-service vessels.

The hybrid retrofitting of existing vessels is known to be an extremely expensive process that requires the difficult and often time-consuming task of moving a vessel’s shaft when adding an electric motor on board.

To improve the efficiency of retrofits, the split permanent magnet motor from AKA comes in several parts, meaning it can be attached on the shaft of a vessel. The advantage is that AKA’s hybrid-electric propulsion system integrates directly with the vessel’s existing hardware, negating the need for propulsion or power system overhauls while enabling the hybridization of in-service ships with a higher ROI. Furthermore, the gearless motor features a small axial length to reduce weight, inertia and the system’s overall footprint to facilitate easier installation.

“AKA has been working on hybrid propulsion retrofits since 2007, but a problem we encounter often is the time and cost to incorporate the electric motor into the shaft line,” explained Tobia Isa, responsible for marketing and communications at AKA. “The new DuXion/AKA split permanent magnet motor hybrid system solves this issue by easily fitting around the existing equipment. It can be split into smaller parts and attached around the existing shaft. It was originally developed for the aerospace industry but we are excited to be bringing it into the marine space and believe it will revolutionize how hybrid retrofits can be done.”

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