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Onboard battery chargers

The new BHP series of onboard battery chargers developed and produced by EDN provide bi-directional 19kW and 22kW high-power-density modules up to 840V DC link.

The sealed and rugged design, tested through a strong validation and certification process, makes this a reliable solution for any battery-powered application. The BHP series is built to resist hard environments and can be installed in any harsh automotive and marine application with high efficiency and prime performance. It covers a wide range of commercial and industrial plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) or pure-electric vehicles and is suitable for small and large boats, buses, trucks and delivery vans.

The BHP series successfully meets or exceeds international EMC, safety and environmental standards. It can be plugged as a single or three-phase AC and works in charger mode or export power mode (bidirectional operations) to perform vehicle-to-load, vehicle-to-home and vehicle-to-grid applications. Galvanic isolation ensures definitive safety separation between the vessel/vehicle (IT system) and the grid.

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