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Praxis Automation Technology showcases its technologies on board demonstrator yacht
Praxis Automation Technology

Praxis Automation Technology, a manufacturer and system integrator of electric propulsion systems, is exhibiting a yacht that features company technology in a marina near Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo.

The company develops and manufactures a wide range of batteries, motors, inverters and automation systems in-house. Visitors who have booked a tour will be able to see these systems installed on board the vessel.

By designing and developing a host of products together, the company aims to create electric propulsion as a product rather than a project that consists of various parts brought together through custom engineering. With a standardized system, the complexity of building an electric or hybrid vessel is considerably reduced and the process becomes more cost-efficient.

“Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo is the world’s leading expo in the field of electric and hybrid propulsion. The visitors are very focused and genuinely interested because they are all on a mission,” commented Benjamin van Dam, sales director at Praxis. “We didn’t want to miss it.”

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