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Wireless remote controls

As a manufacturer of advanced wireless remote controls for yachts, Dockmate strives to be compatible with as many propulsion and thruster controls as possible, whether these controls are for electric, hybrid or ICE systems.

In Amsterdam, the company will explain how Dockmate REV G+ now comes with DockControl2, a completely new software stack with improved features for troubleshooting and rapid installation that make it possible to wirelessly update, configure and calibrate the system and wirelessly retrieve diagnostic data from it.

The company will also demonstrate its newly patented SoftDocking technology that enables users to easily and consistently ‘bump’ the engines to softly dock a boat. It ensures that a short push of the joystick or button consistently results in a pre-programmed customizable fraction-of-a-second burst of the propeller.

Also on display will be Throttle+, which offers predetermined throttle so that every Dockmate can have two levels of engine/motor control: minimum or idle forward/reverse and predetermined throttle forward/reverse. These levels of propulsion power are calibrated per direction (forward and reverse). With Throttle+, extra throttle can be used at any moment, immediately, just by the push of a button or joystick.

Finally, a new generation of Dockmate remotes offers three types of feedback: visual (LEDs), audible (buzzer) and tactile (vibration), for added safety and a more intuitive user experience. A Dockmate Cradle fixed-mount, wireless charging pad ensures users no longer have to choose between a fixed joystick or wireless remote control.

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