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Voith presents electric Voith Schneider Propeller (eVSP)

With the new electric Voith Schneider Propeller (eVSP), Voith is pushing ahead with the continuous electrification of its proven drive technologies, meeting the growing demand for resource-saving and energy-efficient mobility, as well as future-oriented mobility concepts.

Among the advantages of the new eVSP are high efficiency and the reduction of complexity, since the permanent-magnet synchronous motor is already integrated in the propeller. The complete omission of gears reduces noise to a minimum and frees up critical space on the ship.

The company will also present its remote-controlled Voith Schneider Propeller (rcVSP) at the Expo, ideal for remote-controlled tugs, which can significantly reduce costs for shipping companies. A tugboat is in paid operation for an average of 2,500 hours a year. However, to ensure its operational readiness, the crew needs to be on board for an average of 8,760 hours. Further, the new technology also means crews no longer need to be on 24-hour standby. All these costs can be reduced with the rcVSP – in the global shipping environment, every minute spared represents a considerable cost reduction.

Visit Voith’s stand to discover more about the recent successful full-scale test carried out in Holland with the Carousel Rave Tug from Novatug.

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