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Power quality assured

On yachts, power quality is an essential aspect of ensuring the safety, reliability and capacity of electrical installations. Due to the increased use of inverters – such as LED lighting and variable-speed drives – excessive harmonic distortion in voltage and current can occur. To avoid issues with power supply and safety at sea, certification companies set requirements for the maximum harmonic pollution on yachts. A common requirement is a maximum voltage harmonic distortion (THDu) of 5%.

Poor power quality can also manifest itself in flickering lights, heat build-up, overloading of generators and switchgear, and fast aging of connected equipment. What’s more, there is no clear standardization governing arc flash measurements – even though these can be lethal.

It is important to ensure the quality and safety of onboard installations. Stop by the HyTEPS booth to discover how the company provides reliable, up-to-date insights into the safety of electrical installations through measurements and simulations. HyTEPS can help prevent power quality problems by using simulation during construction; provide power quality measurements and monitoring; carry out commissioning, inspection and service visits; reduce harmonic distortions created by multiple devices with an active harmonic filter; conduct AC and DC arc flash tests; identify a problem (during construction or after commissioning); and deliver and maintain solutions throughout the vessel lifespan.

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