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Siemens opens advanced robotized and digitized battery module factory in Norway

Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo exhibitor Siemens has opened one of the world’s most advanced and robotic battery module factories.

The factory in Trondheim, Norway includes a robotized and digitized production line with eight robot stations, which will assemble 55 battery modules per shift every day for the marine and offshore market.

The Trondheim factory is completely automated and includes a robotized and digitized production line with eight robotic stations with a capacity of up to 300MWh per year. One battery consists of nine battery modules; each module consists of 28 battery cells.

Trondheim was the chosen site due to Norway’s pioneering role in electrification technology and Siemens Trondheim’s production environment for electrical solutions in ships and offshore applications. The new battery factory will serve a Norwegian and international market.

“In Trondheim, we have established a competence center for electrical and hybrid solutions with years of experience. This has impressed global management so much that we are now responsible for the development of new battery systems,” said Anne Marit Panengstuen, CEO of Siemens AS.

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