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Misalignment couplings and monitoring systems

Increasingly complex electric and hybrid drive systems demand sophisticated solutions, such as the tailor-made coupling, damper and shaft solutions by Geislinger.

Hybrid drives present a variety of advantages: Not only do they offer reduced fuel consumption, but their flexibility allows the main engine to run at an optimized speed, thus extending maintenance intervals. Certain vessels, especially those requiring low underwater noise levels, benefit from the low torsional vibrations generated by electric drives, making a hybrid propulsion solution inevitable.

Geislinger’s GESILCO composite product line offers a wide variety of misalignment couplings for the use in series or parallel hybrid applications. The Geislinger SILENCO coupling, on the other hand, shows outstanding performance as an acoustic coupling. This specially designed product, offering optimal acoustic attenuation, is part of many silent propulsion systems.

One of the company’s latest developments is the new generation of its Geislinger monitoring system and its accompanying digital solutions. Increasingly complex powertrains require monitoring for early detection of wear or fault patterns. By monitoring the whole powertrain, maintenance can be planned more accurately, saving time and money on unplanned repairs.

Geislinger’s newly implemented, cloud-based analytics platform also enables ship operators and technical staff to remotely gain insights into vessel and fleet performance. Its anomaly detection algorithms highlight performance deviation and provide customers with an overview of the system status.

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