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Parallel hybrid solution and new battery concept
Hydrosta B.V

The HP-Inline is a brand-new parallel hybrid solution, which can easily be placed between the flywheel of a combustion engine and almost any standard marine gearbox. Once the combustion engine is running, the unit can function as a generator for charging the ships battery pack or supplying the requested AC hotel grid on board. In the situation that the combustion engine is switched off, the unit can be used as propulsion motor for quiet and emission free sailing. The generator/motor is a very slim and flat Axial-flux design with a high energy density for high performance in Hybrid mode. The motor is placed as a compact inline concept without the use of unnecessary gears to drive the generator/motor. The clutch in between is fully automatic and does not need any hydraulic pressure or electric power, offering a highly efficient solution that avoids unneeded energy losses. The dimensions are extremely small, making for a lightweight drive solution. The unit will fit in almost any application and is independent in brand of combustion engine or gearbox manufacturer.

Hydrosta will also introduce a completely new battery concept during the show in Amsterdam. Based on the experience gained from its existing HQ- Silent, the company says it has improved the concept dramatically by reducing the battery housing by 40% in volume and 30% in weight. Life span has also increased under good conditions to up to 5,500 cycles. The battery housing can be fixed as standalone but also offers an integrated racking construction solution, saving further vessel space. The new cells are cobalt free, making them extremely dependable and safe to use. Hydrosta says the new concept has already achieved short-term DNVGL certification.

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