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Heat exchangers for electric and hybrid marine cooling
E J Bowman

A new range of titanium heat exchangers, offering a cost-effective cooling solution for electric and hybrid marine systems, will be exhibited for the first time at Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo Europe 2022 by E J Bowman.

This new range has been designed to offer a highly efficient titanium heat exchanger that is more commercially attractive than would normally be possible, without compromising either the quality or specification of the products.

Inside the heat exchanger is a tightly packed, extremely durable titanium tube stack, which has been designed to provide the largest-possible surface area for efficient heat transfer performance.
Titanium is the ideal material for this type of application as it is virtually impervious to corrosion from aggressive cooling media like seawater.

UK manufactured, using titanium, aluminum and composite materials, these heat exchangers are much lighter than comparable marine heat exchangers – an important factor for system builders looking to reduce weight on ancillary equipment.

Their compact design also enables easier system integration, ideal for installations where space is limited.

Being of shell and tube design, the heat exchangers are highly efficient in applications where the flow of the coolant circulating around the electrical components is much lower than the incoming seawater flow, which is often the case in electric and hybrid marine systems.

Bowman provides cooling solutions for battery packs, chargers, AC-DC converters, DC-DC converters, transformers and chargers, as well as conventional IC engine cooling. The company already works with many of the industry’s leading electric and hybrid system providers.

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