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Rolls-Royce Solutions displays mtu Hybrid PropulsionPack
Rolls-Royce Solutions

Rolls-Royce Solutions is speaking with visitors to Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo about its mtu Hybrid PropulsionPack for yachts.

The mtu Hybrid PropulsionPack provides users with hybrid power to reduce emissions and onboard noise and vibration levels. Each system is modular and scalable, enabling each hybrid solution to be tailored to specific customer requirements. The highly efficient systems provide vessels with the ability to conduct emissions-free maneuvering and emission-free anchoring in port or harbor areas.

Customers have the choice of three packages: Comfort, Premium or Sport Hybrid. Each solution differs in terms of the size of the battery, electric motor and diesel genset. Batteries range from 84-1,008kWh, electric motors from 165-473kW and gensets from 110-500kW.

“We offer a fully integrated system consisting of all necessary engine room components, gensets, batteries, switchboards and power management systems,” commented Tobias Kohl, director of application engineering marine at Rolls-Royce Solutions. “We have here a future-ready system. Today we have mainly diesel gensets to create electricity in combination with batteries, but in the future it could also be methanol combustion-driven engines, which burn very clean. It would also be possible in the future to replace the gensets with a fuel cell or something like that.”

Discussing Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo, Kohl added, “You feel there is a big change going on in the marine segment. Meeting customers and shipyards here is good because we can align and get a clear picture of what is to come in the future. We need to discuss the path to net zero and learn what the market is asking for and what the suppliers can deliver.”

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