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Propel showcases alternative forms of electric propulsion for leisure boats

Propel, a manufacturer of electric propulsion systems for maritime applications, is showcasing its D1 inboard motor and S1 outboard motor.

Featuring a sleek, modern design, the S1 benefits from a 10kW output – equivalent to a conventional 25hp petrol motor. Capable of delivering high torque at low RPM, the S1 enables emissions-free, almost silent boating for pleasure craft.

The company’s system provides an optimal balance between propeller size and motor performance, and has a maximum screw speed of 1,440rpm and a maximum efficiency of 62.1%.

Alongside the outboard motor, Propel is exhibiting its D1 inboard crate motor, a plug-and-play propulsion system designed for easy installation when transitioning from more polluting traditional forms of propulsion.

Designed for vessel applications up to 10m long, the compact inboard motor features a motor controller, various cooling options and a DC-DC converter to provide 12V to onboard systems – all housed within a stainless-steel chassis. The entire system is temperature controlled with a closed-loop glycol cooling circuit for continuous, optimal performance. External cooling is undertaken via raw water and a heat exchanger.

With a peak torque output of 105Nm and 10kW of continuous power, Propel’s system offers an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional, inefficient maritime engines.

“We have developed the motor as a crate solution. You can take a diesel [engine] out, put the motor in and reconnect everything, like the water, raw water cooling, driveline, battery and you’re up and running; we’ve made it simple,” commented Sander Van Dijk, general manager at Propel. “We’ve put everything in the chassis to simplify the installation procedure.”

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