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Hybridization for retrofits and new-builds

Maritime technology company Wärtsilä is showcasing several real-life examples of its hybrid installations for retrofits and new builds.

In addition, some of the company’s leading experts are on hand to explain Wärtsilä’s full range of products including shore power, containerized solutions and fully electric and hybrid solutions for different vessel types.

Wärtsilä aims to reduce emissions and increase the efficiency of vessels through the use of hybrid technology, and has positioned itself as one of the leaders in this realm.

“All vessels will be hybrid in the future, and many existing vessels are already retrofitting to reduce emissions and increase efficiency,” explained Torsten Büssow, director of electrical and power Systems at Wärtsilä. “Wärtsilä is currently number one within the field of hybrid-electric vessel systems, and we are seeing substantial interest in hybrid technology at the moment.”

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