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Siemens supplies diesel-electric propulsion system for Oregon State University hybrid research vessel

Siemens will supply – on behalf of Louisiana-based Gulf Islands Shipyard – the propulsion system for a Regional Class Research Vessel (RCRV) operated by Oregon State University (OSU).

The new ship will be equipped with Siemens’ BlueDrive Plus C diesel-electric propulsion (DEP) system from Siemens. The scope of delivery also includes the thrusters, the jet engines and the dynamic positioning system as well as the EcoMain remote diagnostic system, diesel generator units, switchgear and power distribution systems, alarm and monitoring systems.

Used to explore and monitor the ecosystem in Oregon’s coastal area in order to foster and drive marine science on the coast, the RCRV is equipped with onboard sensors and a handling system that enables scientific research modules to be lowered into the water and recovered from on board the vessel. The ship is scheduled to launch in early 2020 and will operate on the west coast as part of OSU’s Oceanographic Laboratory System.

- November 2017

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