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Fischer Panda develops 100kW podded motor for EasyBox HV electric drive systems

German firm Fischer Panda has added the 100kW AZ podded motor to its electric drive portfolio. The company now offers electric drive solutions with up to 100kW per drive for its 420V drive systems. These are designed for commercial boat operators, in particular water taxis and smaller ferries with a displacement of more than 40 tonnes.

The highly efficient 100kW permanent-magnet motor is brushless and sensorless. The full 800Nm torque is available throughout the entire speed range. Even at lower speeds, the electric motor provides vessels with a powerful and responsive motor for maneuvering in and out of harbor. The motor operation is very quiet and requires no gearbox.

The motor is fitted in a robust, water-cooled, stainless-steel housing. Three lip seals fitted on the seawater side make it suitable for commercial applications. The winding is further enclosed in a casting component.

The main advantage of the podded version when compared with the shaft version, which is also available from Fischer Panda, is that it can be fitted to a rotatable mounting system. Fischer Panda also offers a rope cutter option that can be fitted to the shaft.

The electric motor can be installed in single- or dual-drive systems. - March 2019

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