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GE to provide energy storage system for one of the first PSV hybrid retrofits in the Americas

GE’s Power Conversion business has been chosen by Harvey Gulf International Marine to provide the latest SeaGreen energy storage system (ESS) onboard offshore platform service vessel (PSV) Harvey Champion.

Included in the transformer-less solution are two 1,000A systems, each with batteries, drives and supporting cooling and safety systems, all mounted within a single ISO container. Tested at GE’s Marine Power Testing Facility in the UK over the last three years, SeaGreen can provide backup power in the event of a power blackout. It can also provide reserve power in the case of engine failure or smooth out peak power fluctuations. It also has a dual-channel LV3 drive, which allows one container to back up two separate switchboards. Furthermore, SeaGreen is self-contained, requiring only electrical connections to the vessel.

“The Harvey Champion is one of America’s first offshore support vessels that will be equipped with a battery energy storage system, aiming to achieve emissions reduction and fuel-efficiency benefits,” said Shane Guidry, CEO of Harvey Gulf. “We are pleased to work with GE on this exciting venture and are committed to maintaining our service fleets among the most competitive in the industry.”

- May 2019

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