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ABB’s first Azipod D propulsion system now in operation

An 8,000kW rescue tug, the first vessel installed with ABB’s Azipod D electric propulsion system, has been delivered to customer Guangzhou Salvage Bureau, a division of the Chinese Ministry of Transport. Prior to delivery, the tug, built by Huangpu Wenchong Shipyard, exceeded design targets in bollard pull, fuel economy, manoeuvrability and low-load performance in sea trials.

According to ABB, the Azipod D product portfolio, which is available across a power range from 1.5-7.5MW, incorporates thruster technology enabling installed power savings of up to 25%, less maintenance and reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

The rescue tug’s Captain Shaohua Liu said, “We are really impressed with the vessel’s performance. Response time and manoeuvrability, both of which are critical in our operations, are excellent. Less power was required than we expected for a given function. The Azipod D has exceeded our expectations.”

- December 2017

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