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Certification scheme to recognise inland zero-emissions vessels

Green Award, a certification scheme for inland and sea-going ships, has introduced a Platinum label for ships operating emission-free.

“Technologies are rapidly developing and technological progress allows yet better performance. Operating with zero emissions is coming closer and offers opportunity to eliminate ship-specific emission footprint,” explained Green Award. “Therefore, Green Award launches a Platinum label for inland navigation ships that keep abreast of the times and operate several hours a day with zero emissions of CO2, SOx, NOx and PM.”

The first inland navigation vessel with zero emissions is expected to be certified in 2018, and Green Award is also considering introducing the Platinum label for sea-going ships in the future.

“Green Award hopes that the Platinum label will be recognised by ports and other incentive providers and rewarded with suitable incentives to further promote emission-free ship operations,” said the certification scheme.

- January 2018

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