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PBES launches Harpoon battery product line

Battery energy solutions provider Plan B Energy Storage (PBES) has announced the launch of its Harpoon battery product line. Harpoon Power 65 and Harpoon Energy 97 energy storage systems utilise lithium-ion cell technology and are specifically designed for commercial applications.

With an up to 90,000-hour calendar life, Harpoon Energy 97 is suitable for cruise ships and fast ferries. According to PBES, the system provides a 35% decrease in the cost, weight and volume of the battery while maintaining quality and safety standards.

Meanwhile, Harpoon Power 65 is a continuation of an existing PBES line, and is capable of more than 15,000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge (DOD). PBES says this makes it suitable for vessels operating in remote locations.

Both systems incorporate PBES’s Thermal-Stop and CellCool systems to prevent thermal runaway, as well as the company’s new CellSwap technology, which allows for the re-coring of batteries after five years.

PBES CEO, Brent Perry, said: “Through the Harpoon batteries, we can provide a faster path to return on investment for ship owners and operators, while delivering a significant contribution to wider industry efforts to reduce emissions and combat shipping’s impact on the environment.”

- June 2017

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