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Rotterdam Port Fund invests in EST‐Floattech

Independent investor Rotterdam Port Fund has acquired an interest in EST-Floattech, a Dutch technology firm that develops Li-NMC energy storage systems for fully electric and hybrid-electric maritime applications, as well as mobile land-based applications.

According to EST-Floattech director, Trond Skaufel, the acquisition will offer the company access to “an excellent harbour-related network. Our energy storage systems can be used not only in ships, but also in port cranes and lorries. The environmental benefits are vital, especially in urban areas near ports. At the moment, we are looking at ways to store and reuse energy generated from operating cranes”.

Skaufel also revealed that EST-Floattech is closely following developments in the field of shore power. “When it comes to technology, we are a good complement to some of the other companies in the Rotterdam Port Fund network. For its part, the Pon Group network offers many opportunities for the maritime and port-related industries.”

Rotterdam Port Fund’s Bastiaan van der Knaap said the organisation is keen to take advantage of sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, with battery systems providing a major contribution to the energy transition in the maritime sector. “We are convinced that EST-Floattech is ideally positioned to play a key role in that transition, and Rotterdam Port Fund is looking forward to contributing to that, in cooperation with the management of [venture capital firm] Ponooc.”

- May 2018

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