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Day 3: Thursday, June 27

Technical Presentation Area Technical Presentations - Day Three
10:30 - 12:30


Ten technology trends impacting the marina and ports industry

Anthony Baro
Managing principal
PowerDocks LLC
Marina infrastructures are destined to experience significant transformational changes in the coming years. These changes are being driven by the rapid consumer adoption of technology at a personal level, changing environmental conditions due to climate change, increasing environmental pollution due to the use of plastics and waste management practices, and marine industries' continuously evolving products and technology innovations. Marina customers are increasingly adopting electric mobility and electric and hybrid marine propulsion for their vessels. This new trend will ultimately increase the amount of electricity marinas will need to provide for their customers, impacting marina electrical operating costs.


Maritime testing and system design using the controller-hardware-in-the-loop approach

Rados Petrovic
Senior business developer
Typhoon HIL Inc
Due to the scale, diversity and complexity of marine power systems these days, as well as the integration of electrical power segments into ships, we must acknowledge the fact that the issues being raised are complex but common to most shipbuilders and integrators. The introduction of controller-hardware-in-the-loop methodology and model-based system engineering processes throughout the ship's V-curve enables a fast transition for the marine and offshore industry and helps address burning issues for all stakeholders active in marine and offshore industries, such as the lack of an experienced workforce, evolving regulations and testing safety-critical software-directed processes.


Smart energy transfer systems for vessels

Simon Evenblij
Product sales leader charging
Stemmann Technik GmbH
Simon Evenblij presentation will explain Smart energy transfer systems for vessels.


Electric propulsion system

JunHee Won
LGM Co Ltd
A Presentation from LGM which will explain Electric Propulsion System.


Bearing protection best practices

William Klock
Regional sales manager
Electro Static Technology
This presentation will introduce the concept of bearing protection against fluting damage due to variable frequency drive. The consequences are severe with electric motors and equipment attached, and include bearing damage and motor failure. The AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring is the solution to induced shaft voltage.


Pre-integrated IoT: the holistic approach of Atos and Siemens

Patrick Müller
Product manager digitization marine
Siemens AG
The presentation will introduce pre-integrated IoT, a new Atos and Siemens end-to-end offering for the digital future of businesses. In essence, pre-integrated IoT is a digital transformation solution that impacts key customer KPIs and opens business for both Atos and Siemens by focusing on replicability to recoup up-front investment through deployment to other clients. In pre-integrated IoT, Siemens and Atos combine the exceptional OT knowledge of Siemens and the IT expertise of Atos into one holistic concept. It incorporates different data sources and platforms and provides integral capabilities for digital business transformation, thus opening a way for customers to accelerate proofs of concept (PoC).


Blue Whale – new-generation ESS for cruise ships and ferries

Halvard Hauso
EVP sales and marketing
Corvus Energy
The groundbreaking new ESS from Corvus Energy will revolutionize the cruise industry. Enabling port mode (a sailing in zero-emission mode for longer periods of time) means that shipowners can meet new rules and regulations for port stay and for sailing in restricted areas, as well as meeting new requirements for reduced emissions. Corvus Energy will go through the technical development of the ESS and show how it can be used in different operational modes in addition to how safety and redundancy are improved in case of dead ship.

Watch the presentation of the Electric & Hybrid Marine Awards - Live
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