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Integrated electric propulsion system
NT Systems

Making its debut at Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo Europe 2022, NT Systems offers advanced next-generation integrated electric propulsion systems for emission-free commercial and leisure boating.

The company will use the show to launch its biggest inboard electric motor yet, which still features a very compact design. All its components are plug and play, which means that the motor unit also includes a drive controller, cooling system, heat exchanger with water pumps, and electronics with CANbus communications. All this is assembled in one compact unit that provides 350kW of continuous power at 1,000Nm of torque and weighs only 190kg while measuring a mere 110cm in length. The motor also has standard BorgWarner bell housing and can be fitted with any marine standardized gearbox.

The heart of NT Systems is permanent magnet synchronous motors with the best-in-class power density. With the company’s unique cooling ventilation system, NT Systems can use all the power from the motors and still have a very compact product. The power range of the products is 25-350kW per single motor. The system also supports multiple-engines installation, which can easily give a setup above 1MW of propulsion power.

NT Systems will also reveal how it is developing an Optimal Power Tracker (OPT) as the main feature of its smart system software. If engaged, OPT will optimize power needs and energy consumption based on current driving parameters and data from previous trips. The speed and acceleration are adapted accordingly and users can save additional energy without any adverse effect on performance.

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