LGM debuts 660hp electric powerboat for US market

LGM, a subsidiary of Leo Motors, has unveiled its proprietary new electric powerboat at the 2017 Busan International Boat Show in South Korea.

The company has converted Riva Ferrari’s 650hp internal combustion engine and propellant to 660hp of equivalent electric power for performance demonstration purposes. As a result of the conversion it accelerates to a speed of higher than 40kts per hour within seconds.

Dr Kang, chairman of LGM, said, “With the debut of LGM’s electric powerboat, the company will enter into the US market this year providing electric conversion services. LGM will convert old internal combustion engine yachts and powerboats to the LGM electric power system.”

LGM’s electric inboard and outboard propulsion systems now range from 40hp to 700hp and include the company’s Sailing Generation System, which uses wind to recharge batteries while under way, eliminating conventional charging processes.

- May 2017

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