Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo 2014
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Launch show an incredible success

Visitor and Exhibitor Opinion from the Show Floor

“The timing of this expo is excellent; many things are happening in this industry now, so it’s great to come here and see who’s doing what, make contacts and compare approaches,” said Stig Knudsen, naval architect, OSK-Ship Tech, of the inaugural Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo, held in Amsterdam from 24-26 June.

Over 120 exhibits were on display, each showcasing the very latest ideas, concepts, technologies and components for electric and hybrid marine applications. And there was a conference with over 70 world-leading experts speaking, plus the free-to-attend Technology Demonstration Area that featured over 50 presentations about the latest and next-generation components and systems. Finally, visitors flocked to view the results of the inaugural Electric & Hybrid Marine Awards (click here to see the winners) and to participate in the Open Panel Discussions. In all, the show attracted over 3,000 attendees! 

“Everyone keeps telling me that this show has exceeded their expectations. Visitors came for all three days in many cases – there was so much to see and so many people to meet,” said Graham Johnson, founder of the show and managing director of the organising company, UKIP Media & Events. “Problems were at the top of the agenda everywhere: electric and hybrid marine propulsion is in its infancy and people need to know how to solve the enormous engineering challenges that exist. There was ingenuity on display throughout the exhibition hall. The show ran late every day as people capitalised on this unique opportunity to learn and problem solve. 

“Honestly, we could have opened the show for five days and there would have been the demand for it,” Johnson continued. “The conference was absolutely packed all day, every day. We’ll add another conference stream and stage next year because it’s clearly necessary. And we’ve bought far more exhibition space for 2015 because we’ve literally had companies queuing up to exhibit in Amsterdam next year.”

Next year’s show dates are 23-25 June. Exhibition entrance is free, but a conference fee exists. Early booking is recommended to guarantee yourself a seat. Space is strictly limited and seats are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. To book your conference place, click here. You can register for your free 2015 exhibition pass here



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The International Exhibition of Electric and Hybrid Marine Propulsion Systems, Technologies, and Components.

Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo, to be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from 23-25 June 2015, is dedicated solely to showcasing the very latest and next-generation electric and hybrid marine propulsion technologies, components and solutions.

A truly global event, with exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo is the only exhibition and conference that will showcase these emerging efficient propulsion technologies and components to an audience of propulsion system designers, ship owners and operators, boat builders, engine manufacturers, naval architects and military fleet operators/chiefs.

Nothing but pure electric propulsion systems, hybrid systems, and of course the components within them will be on display – and the only visitors that will be invited to attend will be those who purchase and specify marine engines and components. In short, every single exhibit will be of relevance to every single visitor, and the only thing visitors will be searching for is cleaner, more efficient propulsion systems

Why visit Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo?

Expect to see technologies and components including:

• Test and measurement tools
• Simulation software 
• Energy storage solutions including lithium-ion technology
• Electric motors
• Permanent magnet motors 
• Microturbines
• Electric outboards
• Cooling systems
• Drive control systems
• Brushless motors 
• AC/DC motors
• Super-capacitors 
• Converters
• Inverters
• Diesel/electric generators
• Gen-sets
• Emission reduction technology
• Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems / Scrubbers
• Waste heat recovery systems
• Electric/hybrid control systems
• Electric pod/bow/side thrusters
• Electric/hybrid propulsion technology and systems
• Electric/hybrid crane, winch, cargo door systems
• Hybrid electric drive systems
• Systems integration 
• Ship-to-shore power
• Battery charging systems 
• Fuel cell technology
• LNG/hybrid propulsion 

Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo is being organised by the publisher of Electric & Hybrid Marine Technology International, the world’s only publication dedicated to these emerging electric and hybrid propulsion technologies. In effect, this world expo will bring the pages of the magazine to life (click here to read the latest issue).

Entrance to Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo is free to qualified industry professionals only.

Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo is organised by UKIP Media & Events, the world's premier international trade show organiser and magazine publisher operating in the maritime, aviation, automotive and transportation sectors. It is an international organiser of almost 30 industry-leading exhibitions, working globally in Hong Kong, Detroit, Los Angeles, Brussels, Stuttgart, Paris, Geneva and Brasilia, and attracts over 3,000 exhibiting companies and over 50,000 visitors to its events every year. Click here to discover more.


Electric & Hybrid Marine Awards
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January 11-13, 2016
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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